12x2 Actions (2015)

Site specific performance | variable duration | black costume, Black braided hair extensions, black charcoal, white chalk | Roubaix | France

My proposal is a principle of intervention that I update in different contexts. The idea is to attach a long braid, extension of my hair, in the corner of the ceiling of one of the rooms of the house, and to spend the 24 hours of the event with this constraint. During the performance, I will be involved in many activities (drawing, placing papers on the wall, reading, working on my computer, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.), all of which will be linked to the creation of a Environment in situ.

I leave the possibility of being able to detach my hair to go for example to the toilet, to see the other artists, or to make a turn. I do not want to be trapped in my device, but let me be able to be mobile with my 4-5-meter braided hair.   

How to ask questions related to sculpture and drawing in a work of photographic performance? How does the body fit differently in the space and time of an image? My presence is part of an essential cultural exchange through contemporary issues. 

"We start from the observation that the practice of a house is predefined by a succession of relationships between spaces, temporality and use. In a house of 200m2, inhabited for three days and hijacked publicly for the last night of performance, We propose to invent a new domestic landscape. "  

This research process is for me only a beginning. Indeed, I encountered many difficulties and failures in the face of the challenges of achieving this performance.

Curator's note : Faye Mullen et Gabriel Buckinger pour la performance collective Demeure en 12 parties.

" Nous partons du constat que la pratique d’une maison est prédé nie par une succession de relation entre espaces, temporalité et usage. Dans une maison de 200m2, habitée durant trois jours et détournée publiquement le temps d’une dernière nuit de performance, nous proposons d’inventer un nouveau paysage domestique."