Escape to Follow Me (2009)

Site specific Sound-video Installation | PROJET/PROJECTION #7 | « Festival of l’Estuaire » | ESBAM/ENSAN | Nantes

Large-scale projection of degital moving image on one of the façades of the new school of architecture of Nantes is a site specific work. Images consist of the moving and colorful copy-pested images showing the banal actions. The dimention of the video installation was modified according to the size of the facase to give ornamental effects. The human body is in a miniature form reminds us the one row shifting of ants who follow each other without having any idividual choses of direction.

The concept : Grande Image Grande Image Lab is a research program of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans, ESBA TALM, supported by one of its teachers, Christophe Domino also art critic. Born in 2007, experience in the practices of contemporary artists, the preoccupation with urban life, art on a landscape scale, a reflection on the context of art, an idea Teaching in the school of art, a favorable urban context and strong partnerships, Grande Image is a project that has brought together questions and committed partners. Thanks to the technical support of ETC London Paris, it allows pupils and guest artists to conduct experiments and to maintain a critical reflection on the practices of monumental projection. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Grande Image has produced numerous public programs in Nantes, Lyon and Beaune for the Festival of Lights, at the MAC / VAL (Val-de-Marne Contemporary Art Museum) , Paris for Nuit Blanche, Orléans (commissioned by the Ministry) ... This program is part of the ANR (National Research Agency) program Cosima since 2013.