Association Blue Yard | Group Exhibition | Maison Folie Hospice d'Havr | Tourcoing | septembre | 2015

Works presented

I go home every single day (2015)
Installation mix-média | 365 dessins sur papier de 2x4 cm collés au mur en forme de maison | vidéo-projection de lignes animées | 5min en boucle | couleur | sonore | dimensions variables | Tourcoing

Curator's note :Association Blue Yard.

  • "We have chosen to use this atypical exhibition space to present the work of our adherent artists and, through their productions, they explored the notion of heritage, both to question our contemporary world and our history. The city or the countryside, reworked their forms and aesthetics, and drew images, sounds and gestures. The exhibition will question a current relationship with the heritages around us, a walk through various mediums, themselves belonging to the Traditional / contemporary dialectic.
    Throughout the event, the artists will unveil a work in progress. Progress will be followed by the crews of the association Le K création.

    The artists : Ruchi Anadkat, Mélina Hue, Quentin Bouriez, Thomas Lepez, Chloé Tavernier, Marine Allibert, Caroline Hofman."*