The arts' night of Roubaix (2015)

Performances Demeure en 12 parties | 24 hours | from 12h00 to 12h00 | the 16 and 17 mai | Roubaix | France

Works presented

12x2 Actions (2015)
Performance | 24h

The curators have commissioned each artist to perform for an exceptional period of 24 hours. For the collective performance "Dwelling in 12 parts", my proposal is a principle of intervention that I update in different contexts. The idea is to tie a long braid, an extension of my hair, in the corner of the ceiling of one of the rooms in the house.
During the performance, I engage in multiple activities (drawing, putting papers on the wall, reading, working on my computer, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.), which are all related to creation. of an in situ plastic environment.

Curator's note : Faye Mullen and Gabriel Buckinger pour la performance collective Demeure en 12 parties.

Internet translation: "We start from the observation that the practice of a house is predefined by a succession of relation between spaces, temporality and use. In a house of 200m2, inhabited for three days and entertained publicly for the last night of performance, we propose to invent a new domestic landscape."