Ruchi Anadkat and David Ayoun were in residence-mission supported by the D.R.A.C. Tops of France | from September 26 to December 23, 2016 | the IEM of Houplines and Armentières, and the Safeguarding of the North in the IME and the SESSAD Lino Ventura in Loos. | France |

« The project: “Diving / Counter-diving »

The residence was built with children with multiple disabilities and the professionals who accompany them.

We are two artists working on the relationship between the body and the image. ANAJI and Safeguarding the North have selected us to work on the theme: «Diving / Counter-diving».
These two terms come from the world of photography and in particular from cinema. They correspond to two points of view: the first looks from above downwards, the other from the bottom upwards. Each offers a way of seeing the world.

The request from the institutions was precisely that we question these points of view: that of the adult on the child and of the child on the adult.
Our approach was to propose to look at the movement and the body of children/young people as a dance.

Our proposal and the tools we used (on-board cameras) to restore the subjective point of view of a child, a professional.
The body is a view of the world. The hand looks, the arm, the torso, the leg, the foot look just like the eye but otherwise. Our device made it possible to make the body an actor as much as a cameraman.

This proposal, co-constructed with all the teams and the agreement of the parents and the children/young people, was centered on the experience and not the production of traces.