RESIDENCE- Shilpapaddiam-Thelessary Kerala, Inde (2011)

Ruchi Anadkat was in residence | Mix-media performance, in a historic school | Duration 30min | Thelessary Kerala, India |

Le projet : CHOTLI 2R=D

The residence was built with children. A physical and interactive experience with young students from a primary school in Kerala

The first action was to tie the end of my hair in the middle of the room where there was a pillar. I then used handfuls of dry earth taken from a bag of earth placed there by chance, in order to draw, little by little, a circle on the ground whose radius was determined by my point of attachment in the center of the room. By repeating my actions back and forth, the figure of the circle gradually revealed itself to the spectators who ended up associating my action with the mechanism of a compass.

Finally, turning around the central pole, the braid began to wrap around it naturally, thus reducing its radius, and generating in me a spiral movement between the center and the furthest point of the circle. It was at this time that I invited the children to join me in participating, like a game, in this spiral movement.