RESIDENCE - « Vade-mecum d'aide à la mise en œuvre de l'action de valorisation du 1 % artistique et culturel » . (2020-2021)

RRuchi Anadkat was in residence supported by DRAC, FRAC and DAAC Hauts de France | from April 2019 to December 2020 | the pupils of the 6th Isère, of the Jean-Rostand secondary school of Cateau-Cambrésis | France |uchi Anadkat était en résidence soutenue par soutenu par la DRAC, le FRAC et la DAAC Hauts de France | du avril 2019 au décembre 2020 | les élèves de la 6e Isère, du collège Jean-Rostand du Cateau-Cambrésis | France |

The project: "to measure this forgotten work »

The residence was built with children in the pupils of the 6th Isère, of the Jean-Rostand college of Cateau-Cambrésis and accompanied by professor Lucie Delaval, professor of plastic arts. "The idea is to take an interest in this forgotten work".

Ruchi Anadkat explains: “I was looking for a relationship between body and space. I wanted to work on the ladder, I'm small, I can't grow my hands or my legs, but I can grow my hair! So I used hair as a tool to measure space. We create a relationship between fiction and real space. “Zélie believes:” I have another vision of hair now: we can measure with it! »

The students appreciated this multidisciplinary work, as Mathéa describes it: "We did geography, to learn where Ruchi came from, French, with research and presentations, math, because we worked on the units with the locks of hair...” And now, the 6th graders have realized that “every day, we were walking on a work of art! “says Valentin. Joined by Mathéa: “As soon as we have a little time, we look at it a little! »