Ruchi Anadkat was invited in the residence supported by Fructôse | from 4 to 7 July 2020 | As the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, Fructôse engages to joint artistic reflection envoleving partners established on either side of the Channel | France |

Talkie Walkie Talkie

TWWT challenges the Brexit countdown by engaging a discussion and exchange protocol between artists active in the cross-border area.
This symbolic act of conjuration of the rupture will be held in a intensive moment : from the 4th to the 7th of July 2019.

is aimed at creating a new standard for Franco-British collaborations field mapping and supporting contemporary artistic creation.

TWWT* ’s ambition is to renew forms of collaboration by developing informal exchanges and social interactions between cross-border artists.


The project will start with a speed-meeting on a Calais-Dover Dover-Calais cruise, which will allow the protagonists to get to know each other. Symbolically, the French delegation will embark from Calais to meet with the British artists, who will board Dover. Those traverses will be the first moments of meeting and exchange between the French and the British artists.

Following these initial discussions, the artists will be invited to meet each other again on the weekend of the 5th to 7th of July and participate in a cooperative work experience in Fructôse’s workshops. This will aim to build collaborative projects together based on the activation of the cross-border area. Utopian, caustic, pragmatic, delusional, focused / complex or wacky, these projects, conducted in the feverish climate of a 48-hours artistic marathon, will aim to create bonding wherever the threat of rupture looms.

On Sunday, 7July, as a type of farewell, a brunch will be provided by Fructôse and will offer an opportunity to the public to discover the fruits of this Franco-British brainstorming.